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Want to get the most out of using the My Sports Diary app? We've added some easy to follow short tutorial videos below to help you navigate around all the cool features, add your favourite teams and competitions and then make the most out of the best ways to search and view your events. 

See what sports and events are happening at a glance for the current or future months or just view your favourite teams fixtures in a simple list format with just 3 clicks of the app. Team line-ups & formations, league tables or in-running timelines for events ....We have it all covered here: 

Whats new in our 2021 Release ....

Take a look at our new fresh look for 2021, packed with some major improvements, new features & enhancements and bug fixes requested by our users.

Adding your competition and team preferences..

In this 2 minute tutorial we take you through how to add the competitions and teams into your calendar.

Whats in your diary?

An example week from the past showcasing what sports and events available to follow in the My Sports Diary App

Filtering your preferences within the calendar view.

Tutorial Video Coming soon

Live Scores

Tutorial Video Coming soon

View Team Form

Tutorial Video Coming soon

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